Woodford's front door during the annual Christmas tours. Woodford gets specially decorated for the holidays by local garden clubs, florists, and children from the Clymer Elementary School.

Clymer Elementary School children after decorating Woodford's Christmas tree. These children have a special connection to Woodford. Their school was named after George Clymer, the nephew William Coleman raised. George Clymer signed both the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution.


Woodford is closed on Sunday, April 16th

Special Antiques Show Week Tours:
Colonial Life through Exquisite Antiques

Wednesday, April 19th through
Sunday, April 23rd

The excitement of the Philadelphia Antiques & Art Show continues at Woodford Mansion, home to one of the country’s finest collections of Colonial-era antiques. From Wednesday, April 19th through Sunday, April 23rd, Woodford Mansion’s tour guides will highlight some of the most significant and unique antiques in the collection, including items that reflect both Woodford Mansion’s Patriot and Loyalist residents. A visit to Woodford Mansion is the perfect complement to the 2017 Philadelphia Antiques & Art Show’s patriotic theme and loan exhibit, titled “What So Proudly We Hail.”

Call Woodford for more information about special tours and events. (215) 229-6115

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Volunteering: If you would like to become a Woodford volunteer please call Woodford (215) 229-6115.

Donations: If you would like to make a donation to the Naomi Wood Trust to assist us with our efforts to operate, educate, and preserve Woodford please write to: Lawrence Berger, Trustee, The Naomi Wood Trust, Woodford, East Fairmount Park, 3400 West Dauphin Street, Philadelphia, PA 19132.

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